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How To Create an Electroneum Offline Wallet

electroneum offline wallet tutorial

If you plan to store your Electroneum coins for longer periods or you are looking for more secure place to store you precious coins, you should create an Electroneum offline wallet.

Offline wallet is not as practical as web wallet but it is a bit more secure option to hold your coins. You can easily import your coins from offline wallet to web wallet, so it is perfect place to securely store your Electroneum. You can create as many offline wallets as you like!

Step 1: Login to your Electroneum account at https://my.electroneum.com (if you don´t have Electroneum account / web wallet yet, you can follow our tutorial for creating one: How to Create an Electroneum Wallet)

Step 2: Click ”Offline Paper Wallet” from the left side panel

How to Create an Electroneum Offline Wallet

Read the provided safety information carefully!

You can also create offline wallets with offline wallet creator software, this tutorial focuses on creating an Electroneum offline wallet at Electroneum website.

How to Create Electroneum Paper Wallet

Click ”Let´s get started” to continue.

Step 3: Create random wallet keys by moving your cursor

You can follow the progress bar to see how your offline wallet is generated while you move your cursor.

Step 4: Save your offline wallet

After your offline wallet is created, you can download it as PDF file and print it out. Store your private keys safely and never expose them to anyone. Public wallet address is your offline wallet address. It is safe to share the public wallet address with others.

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