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How To Buy Electroneum On Cryptopia

how to buy electroneum on cryptopia

In this step by step tutorial we show you how to buy Electroneum on Cryptopia exchange. This tutorial assumes that you already have Bitcoins that you can deposit to Cryptopia. If you do not already have Bitcoins you should first see our tutorial for buying Bitcoins from Coinbase: How To Buy Bitcoins To Purchase Electroneum

Step 1: Go to Cryptopia

Click ”Register” from the upper right hand side of the screen.

Register account on Cryptopia to buy Electroneum

Step 2: Fill out registration form

Fill out the registration form

Click ”Register” to proceed

Step 3: Confirm your email address

Go to your inbox and find an email that was sent to you by Cryptopia

Confirm your email address

Verify your email address by clicking the ”Verify My Email Address” link from the email.

Verify your email address

Your email is now verified and you can log in to Cryptopia

Your email address is verified

Enter your login credentials, confirm the reCAPTCHA and click ”Log in”.

Enter login credential to access your Cryptopia account

Next you need to enter your 4 digit PIN code and click ”Verify”

Enter PIN code to proceed

You will then be taken to the frontpage of Cryptopia.

Step 4: Deposit Bitcoins to your Cryptopia account

Go to the ”Deposit” page from the upper right hand side of the screen (note: you need to hover your mouse over the ”B” symbol to get the drop down options to show up).

Go to Deposit page

Choose Bitcoin (BTC) from the deposit drop down menu and click ”Next”

Choose Bitcoin from drop down deposit menu

The system will now create your personal Bitcoin wallet address.

Creating Bitcoin wallet

Your Bitcoin wallet details will appear on your screen.

Bitcoin wallet details

You can now send Bitcoin to the deposit address shown on your screen. Copy down the deposit address and click done.

After you have sent Bitcoin to your Cryptopia account you can go to balances page from the upper right hand side of the screen.

Go to Balances page

From the Balances page you can see balances for all your cryptocurrencies. Right now we are only interested in Bitcoin balance shown on the top. Note that transferring Bitcoins is slow process and it can take up to couple of hours for your transferred Bitcoins to appear on Cryptopia account.

Balances page

Step 5: Buy Electroneum

Go to ”Markets” page from upper left hand side of the screen (note: you need to hover your mouse over the ”Exchange” tab to get the drop down options to show up).

Go to Markets Page

Type Electroneum in to the ”Search markets…” box and click ”ETN”.

Click ETN to enter Electroneum / Bitcoin market

Now you have the Electroneum / Bitcoin market view open. You can place orders with different prices but if you want to buy with the current market price, you can input the lowest sell order price in to the ”Price” column of the ”Buy ETN” box.

After you have set your price you can choose the amount of coins you would like to buy. The ”Sum”, ”Fee” and ”Total” fields will adjust automatically.

If your ”Total” does not exceed your available BTC amount you can click ”Buy ETN” to submit the buy order. If someone is willing to sell Electroneum with the price you offered, your trade will take place and your ”Balances” page will show the amount of Electroneum you just bought.

How to Buy Electroneum tutorial

Note that the market price changes constantly. If your trade does not take place, you can cancel your order by going to your Account → Open Trades → Click red cross after the order you would like to cancel.

You can now withdraw your Electroneum from Cryptopia to your Electroneum wallet!

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